Editing and experimenting…

Well I finally got it! Photoshop Elements 10! So far so good it’s not much different from the Elements 7 I have but there are a few nice new little things that I like. And what I really like is that I didn’t have to re-learn how to use the whole program like I did when I switched from Corel Paintshop Prox3. I was able to also move all the wonderful actions that Rita at the CoffeeShop Blog has made into with no problems. 🙂 I am sure there are still many things I will need to learn and experiment with on it but I am a happy camper and elements 10 doesn’t seem to crash as much as 7 did on me, which means a lot less yelling and cursing at my computer lol :-).

So the last week I have been playing with different photos and reading different tutorials on how to do things and am getting more confident in my editing. Now I just need to get out and take more photos…I am hoping that spring will show up sooner rather than later. Even though our winter has been really amazing here in Manitoba this year everything is still a dull brown and with the melting temps everything seems to get mucky and dirty. No excuse I know for not getting out but one of these days I will…Knowing me I’d end up lost somewhere in the country because we haven’t lived here that long, I am hoping one of these days my boyfriend who grew up in the area will be able to take me on a drive around and find some old buildings and such to take pictures of.

Because I was getting a little frustrated with editing only the pictures I have taken over and over again my friend Julia sent me some of the photos she took on her trip to Australia about 10 years ago. Talk about a beautiful country!! One day when I will the lottery it is definitely on my list of places to see! Anyways, she sent me some photos and I went to work trying different actions and tips. She was very pleased with what I’ve done so far, and so was I considering the quality of the photos is different then what I normally work with. I was able to give some of the photos some extra “pop” and fix a few things. I will post a before and after shot of one I fixed for her.Here are some of the other photos I worked on for her:

There are a few more that I will work on in the coming days…But I can’t sit very long at my computer right now because I don’t really have a desk for my computer its on a coffee table and sitting on the floor tends to aggravate my back..lol…Hopefully we will figure something out soon…because I really miss my computer chair! lol

I had the next photo etched into glass for my boyfriend for Christmas, it is his Harley. I still have to get it framed properly for him but he loves it (I think) lol. So I decided today to take a look at the photo again and see what I could experiment with. I don’t do this often because I am my own worst critic but after I was done editing it I was pretty darned impressed at what I had done! I love the picture! Thinking I may not show it to him quite yet…I may have it printed and framed for Valentines Day..I’m not sure considering I gave him the glass one for Christmas lol..I will post the photo I started with and then what I did to it…Feel free to please comment on any of the photos…Any input good or bad to me is good input!


First Posted Photo…

I figured this being my photography blog I better post a photo lol. For now I will just post some of my favorites that I have taken. Like I said in my first post..I am far from perfect with my editing and picture-taking so feel free to give me you comments and critiques..I won’t take offence to anything of course as I am forever learning and getting new ideas and tips helps me along my way.

So here is my first couple of  pictures, taken at the beach this past summer. In the first photo this guy landed on my leg letting me reach back and grab my camera and taking it out of the bag etc as he sat there. I was sure he would fly off but he was content where he was and let me snap a bunch of pictures before he flew off. About 2 mins later in the second picture that dragonfly landed on my son…staying there while my son walked over to me letting me again take some pictures. I then figured I’d attempt to get him on my hand, thinking that he would fly off as soon as I came close but nope he let me pick him up and move him around to take pictures at different angles. Was pretty amazing! I have always loved dragonflies, when I was a kid we had a cabin in northern Ontario, Canada and when I would find them in the water having gotten their wings wet and unable to fly I would try to “rescue” them with a net or whatever might reach, get them out of the water let them crawl on to my hand and let them sit there until they were able to dry their wings and then off they would go. I miss those days at the cottage…very good memories I have from there. So these are two of my most favorite photos I have taken…not only because I love dragonflies but because it brought back memories and it is pretty rare to have them land on you let alone land on both my son and I and let me take pictures!

First Blog Post!!

Well here it is….a slow work in progress but I have finally decided to take the leap into a blog for my photography! Not sure how often I will keep it updated…Depends I guess if it decides to frustrate me as much as it did today starting one up..lol..But nevertheless I think I have finally figured it out, at least somewhat anyways. So I will try to keep up with it as much as possible, posting my photos, ideas, and I might even get really dangerous and post how and what I have used to edit some photos. But that will come in time considering I am still learning myself and am far from perfect in the editing or picture-taking department. So much to learn and I am learning a lot through my course at the New York Institute of Photography but there always seems to be more to learn,  frustrating as heck some days others it’s like a light bulb goes on over my head and I feel like I should have known that already. lol. But I am loving it! I have my first social/engagement/wedding photos coming up starting in the spring and even though it is still a few months off I am nervous as heck! I would never forgive myself if I messed up their special day, but I am reading a lot on weddings and trying to be not so nervous. I am sure everything will turn out fine…crosses fingers and toes. lol…If it doesn’t I give them full permission to tell me to find another profession and drive over my camera….well….maybe not the camera but they will get a full refund and I will run as fast as I can in the opposite direction and hope the bride and groom don’t try to run me down. lol…All kidding aside I am sure things will turn out great, I have a few ideas in my head for photos I hope they turn out as good as I think they will..or hope they will…I am both excited and nervous…and hope that I can make their day a memorable one with the photos and they have something to look back on 25 years from now and remember how happy a day it was for them! I guess that’s it for my first post…I still want to figure out some more things on this blog…Hopefully I can make it look somewhat decent…We will see, if it changes or gets confusing over the next little while it’s just me trying to figure everything out…

Thanks, Amanda

“Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried!”

-Bill Brandt 1904-1983